Risk management and consulting services are provided by TFH Safety Specialists, who are experienced and certified safety professionals. We identify and prioritize safety issues and provide expert services including a site safety assessment, site-specific written safety programs, policies and procedures, training and job hazard analyses.

Safety Consulting Services

TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting’s onsite safety and health compliance audits can give a “painted picture” of your facility’s compliance. You will be given a checklist of safety and health compliance issues that will need to be assessed and we will assist you during the whole process. A TFH Safety consultant will perform a walk-through inspection to observe your workplace conditions and employees' work practices on-site or at your facility. We will evaluate onsite risk management efforts by recording any observed unsafe conditions or unsafe acts in a written report along with site photos. Recommendations such as OSHA regulations, company requirements or best practices for corrective actions will also be provided.

Fleet Safety Inspection

TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting can perform DOT safety inspections and training on various types of vehicles and equipment to help develop safe conditions for usage on the roads and highways.

Hazardous Energy Control Inspection (LOTO)

TFH Safety Solutions and Consulting can develop site specific Energy Control Procedures to address OSHA standards along with conducting a third-party annual inspections of your Energy Control Procedures.

Third-Party Incident/Accident Investigation

TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting can provide specialized third-party incident/accident investigation services to determine root causes. We will also conduct a site observation, records evaluation and personal interviews to collect information regarding the incident/accident.

Workplace Hazard Assessment

TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting can conduct a work place assessment and create the written certification for your facility. Employers are required to assess their workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment.

Written programs


Programs & Policies to Keep Your Company Safe

Running a safe business takes more than just an understanding of safety concepts and OSHA regulations. A safe work environment requires untouchable safety policies and programs set in place and followed through by every member of your staff.


Developing Safety Programs & Policies For Your Organization

TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC will develop safety policies and programs your organization needs to stay in compliance and keep your staff and operation SAFE. There are many OSHA required programs that must be included in any workplace safety program. These written safety programs and policies must be complete and personalized for your specific company's safety requirements. Safety programs must be updated to include any updated OSHA regulation and must be reviewed annually.


Your Safety Policy & Safety Training

Your safety programs and policies that your business has implemented and follow are the source upon which your workplace safety training programs are based. These customized safety programs and policies are designed for your business and will be crafted to meet or exceed all OSHA requirements. TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting will create individual safety programs and policies and hands-on training for specific duties and jobs, along with designing a safety manual that will be all inclusive for your entire organization.

Here are some of our exclusive safety and health programs, policies and control plans:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan

  • Electrical Safety Program

  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)/ Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Machine Guarding Assessment

  • Respirator Fit-Testing

  • Safety Program Audits & Inspections

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